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Photo Diary: My week Skiing in Courchevel

Miami has always been a place that is unbelievably close to my family and me. It is where my parents went on their honeymoon and is somewhere that I can genuinely call my second home. 

I find it has a somewhat calming and lethargic effect on me, with the Art Deco themed architecture and the utmost care taken in appearance and aesthetic everywhere I visit. I have never been one for the beach, as sitting and sweating simply doesn't do it for me. But, the food, galleries and shops are what predominantly takes up my holiday. Walking up and down the infamous Bal Harbour is an amazing feeling, even if you don’t want to cut your years earning in half with the likes of Balenciaga, Fendi and Dolce and Gabbana. 
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W.I.W: From the Beach to the Shops

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New York, USA 

Summer and Autmn Fragrance

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 The Big Apple, or shall we call it London on steroids. It is simply the single busiest place that I go too. The atmosphere is electric and no matter where you are going, you feel the sudden need to be rushing. I always joke that it would be the perfect place to live, hinting to my dad that he would allow me to take my year in the industry out their. 
The architecture is a complete mixture with a complete contrast at every turn and corner. My favorite building is the Solow Building , (in the picture above), designed by Gordon Bunshaft. Its defined curve makes it minimalistic and almost elegant. Fifth Avenue and T.G.I.Fridays are places I must always visit when there.


My time in Athens was very short, but there was honestly so much that could be done. It is a place with an unbelievable amount of culture and tradition. I was over-loaded with Greek salad and humus. What was a pleasant surprise is that everywhere I ate the food was so fresh whether fish or vegetables. 

The architecture is extensive; I was lucky enough to be invited to a monastery, which was practically perched on the side of a mountain. As terrifying as it was, the attention to detail within their buildings was extraordinary and I simply can never forget it. Alcohol is in full supply in Athens, with bars at every corner. I would say it is the perfect place to go with family, rather than with friends, but all in all an amazing place.