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Charlie Berkeley Street Nightclub

Located on the trendy and affluent Berkeley Street, in the ever evolving area that is Mayfair. Situated at an arms length from Nobu. It is in a hotspot of luxury and fun.
 In all honesty I have very few places that I can say I really enjoyed myself and wish I had stayed longer. I was lucky enough to have attended the club on a Thursday night before I left for Uni. It is such a vibrant and aromatically, intoxicating club, with great staff and table service. As you enter into the club a sign reads, “A mans true character comes out when he’s drunk”, setting the mood immediately for a crazy and fun night. The dress code is strict, with an intense effort to make it an as luxuries experience as possible. I would say that a blazer and or a button down shirt is 100% appropriate. They most certainty won't let you in if you're wearing trainers and just make sure your female friends are wearing heels. I wore my Barneys New York Bomber Jacket made of a Scuba material, with a Black Ralph Lauren Dress Shirt, Black Tompan Jeans and my Church’s Velvet loafer.  The music is good with a mixture of house, R&B and chart music, with the occasional throwback. I do believe that it various every night and changes but I guess it sticks to the listed genres.


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Forest on the Roof, Selfridges

400 Oxford Street,London

All I can say is that Forest on the Roof has become my new favourite place to eat and meet friends. Funny enough I didn’t even know it excited until the end of September and I believe that not too many people know either. To be honest it is a rather secluded area with only one elevator that takes you there. It the perfect balance between restraint and bar with a small rooftop area that aids in giving you a choice to sit outside. Outside are these pod like structure that allow bigger groups to sit in them, they are also illuminated with bright pink lights giving the terrace a modern and young feel. The décor as a whole is unbelievably impressive and well thought of, down to having miniature disco balls scattered everywhere or the mirrored walls.  
Menu and food wise, since it is mainly a bar the menu is rather small and can be quite difficult if you’re trying to eat with someone that is a little fussy. But the food that is there is unbelievably good. My favourite is the truffle fries and the Burger of course.  I have to say that their customer service is also excellent. When I first went they actually got my order initially wrong and replaced it also giving me free drinks and additional fires. In regards to the crowd and dress code, the people are young and for its location there really isn’t a pretentious atmosphere.  For the dress code I would say smart casual with a lean towards casual as blazers or even proper shoes don’t really need to be worn. But at dinner, especially after 8, I would say that a proper shoe such as a brogue or loafer should be worn as you get a lot of people that are about to go clubbing.  I really do highly recommend this place for the view, food and staff. It is also rather flexible whether it is for one drink, with a mate or a full dinner with your girlfriend its perfect.
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Sketch Restaurant and Bar


9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG

Situated just off Regents Street and a five minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station. Sketch is a quirky, modern and unique restaurant and bar. With the likes of Kendall Jenner making an appearance earlier on in the year. The restaurant  boasts four beautiful and different rooms, each having a distinct feel and presence. I ate in The Parlour which is the most casual room, I say casual but you must at least be wearing a loafer. Past 6:30 in the evening, there is a cravis imbedded into glossy white step, hosting a bar. The East Bar is a stunning and trendy area to have drinks before a meal or before a night out with friends. Later into the night their is a DJ and it really does start to come alive. 

Dress code, I would say smart casual, leaning closer towards smart and for dinner I believe that it is quite formal throughout the different rooms. Suits required and heels for your female friends or more than friends (wink, wink). Funny enough it is the egg- shaped toilets that have graced my Instagram feed, that drew me towards this spectical of art and food. Sorry, I have only babbled on about the appearance, the food is world class  with an especially large variety ranging from Duck to Cakes. The food is of the highest quality and standard, yet not too expensive despite its location and celebrity status. The drinks and cocktails do tend to be more than that of the food in The East Bar but they are delicious and original, so it doesn't really matter..
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